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Why your Dentist is a Good Choice for Teeth Whitening

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 Teeth WhiteningIf you want something done effectively, it is usually best to contact a skilled practitioner. This is especially true if you are thinking of changing or enhancing something about your body. Your dentist is the best person to speak to when this concerns something to do with the teeth or mouth. The last thing anyone wants is to damage their teeth or gums that means they either have to live with the damage or have costly or difficult work done to fix it. This is why it is important to have teeth whitening done by a dental professional as the British Dental Association has warned that if people do not, they could be putting themselves and their teeth at risk.

Once a patient decides to have their teeth whitened and selected a reputable practice such as Garden View Dental in Buckinghamshire there are usually two or more ways to go about the process.

One way is at the clinic and the whitening is achieved in a short space of time. A special gel is placed on the patient’s teeth and then a light is shone on them to activate the bleach. This process takes around an hour and can enhance teeth by several shades. If someone has a birthday coming up, a wedding or even a work event where they want to feel particularly confident then this is often good choice.

Another way is home whitening under advice from a dental professional and using product supplied by them. A dentist can legally use a much higher level of the required chemical than over-the-counter products so the result is likely to be much closer to what people usually want to achieve. The trays supplied by the dentist for holding the product next to their teeth are specially made for them and this means that they are snug against their teeth giving a high likelihood of contact between their teeth and the whitening solution and also preventing dangerous leaks or spillages. Patients wear them overnight for the period advised by their dentist – normally about 2 weeks. This method can also be used periodically for shorter periods of time to top up the effect.

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