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Why Visit Southeast Asia?

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Night view of MakatiWhether you are just starting your backpacking adventures or is a veteran when it comes to seeking thrills and adventures, chances are, you have encountered a country or two in Southeast Asia. The region is a traveller’s haven for a lot of reasons.

Tourists book tours in Southeast Asian, thrill seekers go backpacking and business people hold conferences and meetings in this huge region in Asia. Find out why they do so and why you should as well.

Ease of transport

From Manila’s Jeepney, Thailand’s Tuktuk and Singapore’s fast trains, moving around inside the city is an adventure in itself. Moving from one country to another, be it through land or water travel is not only easy but also cheap.

Food is amazing

The region is known for its rich street food culture as well as its local delicacies. Street food might not be for everyone, but having a taste of each country’s delicacy is something that most tourists look forward to.

Almost everything is negotiable

Buying a shirt? Pants? Booking a tour? Almost anything can be negotiated in Southeast Asia. This has its pros and cons, but most tourists find the act of haggling itself an adventure worth noting when in the region.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

There is a total of 38 UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered all over Southeast Asia. You can visit the Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Banawe Rice Terraces in the Philippines, as well as Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand, as well as other sites, in just one trip to the region.

A balance between nature and modernity

Want to relax at the beach while at the same time have a feel of modernity and civilisation? You came to the right region. Countries are known to have the best of a concrete jungle and the serenity of nature in one country, and in the whole region.

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Put Southeast Asia on your list and see how the trip can help make your trip a truly memorable one.