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When in Bath City, Do As the Romans Do

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Bath, London at nightBath city took its name for the marvellous spa complex built by ancient Romans to take advantage of the city’s hot springs, where they would go relax and socialize.

If you want an experience fit for an Emperor, book a room at The Royal Hotel or any hotel in Bath city centre and get ready to enjoy yourself in the wonderful warm waters and walking among the Roman baths themselves.

Roman Baths

Founded by Romans to indulge in the city’s natural hot springs back in the 1st century AD, these site has been acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The complex is one of Britain’s most well-preserved historic places and perfectly captures the lavish lifestyle of Romans. The architecture of the Great Bath with its elegant Victorian statues overseeing the vast construction are sure to make visitors feel like they’ve gone back in time.

The remains of the Temple to Sulis Minerva is also a great place to visit when in the baths, where the hot spring water bursting at 46ºC was believed have mysterious healing powers.

Within site, there’s a museum where you can get comprehensive information about the history of the city in the times of ancient Rome. The audio guides are free and known among visitors to be excellent, including commentary for children.

Hot Springs

If visiting the Roman bath left you wanting to try the mystical properties of the hot spring waters yourself, Bath City has Thermae Bath Spa, established in AD43. In it, you get a mix of history with the experience of a 21st-century spa.

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If you want to go somewhere else, there are more spas and hotels within the city also offer natural thermal water pools where you can unwind and let the steaming mineral-rich water work its magic on your body, mind, and spirit.

Finding a hotel in Bath city centre is convenient for tourists that want to sightsee and be near the places with hot springs.