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The NHS on Fair Contributions and Dental Treatment

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Dental TreatmentA new National Health Service Bill, the Overseas Visitors Charging Bill, seeks to tighten regulations and make sure fewer non-British European visitors have access to healthcare. This proposal involves dental services as well. Under this key point in the Queen’s speech, treatments and services will only be free to residents of the UK — to people who ‘live here lawfully and make a financial contribution’.

In Slough, an NHS dentist makes sure that patients are aware of the benefits they have. This includes a full range of NHS treatments, such as bridges and crowns.

On Cost Recovery

The Department of Health (DH) intends to recover the cost of NHS dental treatments that was made available to residents within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA invokes 28 member nations of the European Union (EU), including Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

The DH plans to reclaim the total cost, over and above the banded charge that the patients had paid. Along with this, they plan to remove dental exemptions from a handful of non-EEA residents.

Consultants state that people who are not residents of the UK should be fair contributors if they receive NHS dental treatment. At present, EEA residents who are qualified for free dental treatment remain exempt from paying the banded dental charge.

The DH says that similar rules and regulations will cover diagnostic tests and scans, prescriptions, ambulance trips, eye checkups and emergency situations. Through these measures, they are looking forward to collecting 500 million pounds on an annual basis.

An Unfavourable Stance

The British Dental Association (BDA) stands firm in opposing the bill. A spokeswoman for the BDA says the proposals would be additional administrative work for dental practices across the UK, and unlike GP patients, dental patients are without online profiles. This presents too much work in terms of collecting and processing details, payments, and patient profiling.

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The document of the Queen’s speech states how the legislation makes the NHS care program exclusive to UK residents. With these in effect, the government is intent on expressing its seriousness and making migrants pay for their NHS treatment.