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Suffering Hair Loss? Consider Skin Micropigmentation for Hair Replacement

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Man Checking Out His ScalpToday, an increasing number of individuals from all walks of life are choosing scalp pigmentation over traditional hair restoration systems, drug-based solutions, and hair transplant surgery. According to customer data from Utah Scalp Aesthetics, the overwhelming choice for scalp micro pigmentation for hair replacement in Salt Lake City among many individuals has made the procedure the most popular hair loss solution.

The Treatment Process

The scalp micro pigmentation method consists of filling in small pigments into the dermal layer using a fine needle. Thousands of small dots of pigments create an illusion of a full head of shaved hair. The treatment period requires two to three sessions that take about three hours, but this also depends on individual’s needs.

Hair Loss Issues That Micro pigmentation Addresses

Scalp micro pigmentation solves a wider range of hair loss issues than any other hair restoration procedure: alopecia, balding, surgery-related hair loss, and hairline recession. You may also use this method to conceal hair transplant blemishes and blend with noticeable birthmarks in the scalp.

Is the Process Painful?

It is common to experience little discomfort during the early stages of the treatment session, but this becomes more tolerable with time. Also, some areas of the scalp, especially on the sides of the head, have a dense collection of nerve endings that may make the process slightly painful. However, most people indicate that the treatment process is tolerable.

Recovery Period

Upon the deposition of pigments, there is the creation of micro-wounds into your scalp, and the skin needs to heal. It is advisable to wait for one week for healing and proper assimilation of the pigments into the dermal layer.

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Successful skin micro pigmentation depends on the final appearance of hair follicles. Pigments that do not match the surrounding natural follicles create an unnatural look. You thus need a trained technician with adequate experience to achieve the best hair replacement results from this procedure. The right needles, sinks, and equipment also play a role in the kind of results you will obtain.

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