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Suffering from Neck Pain? Here’s Why You Should Visit a Chiropractor

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Chiropractic CareWaking up with your neck stiff, sore or in pain is not what most people would want to start their day, in some cases; you can experience the neck pain after a long workday. Neck pain can make life difficult as it limits your motion, not to mention the sharp pain that comes with it. Fortunately, chiropractic care can help reduce your neck pain.

Health care professional Marty Chiropractic explains that chiropractors treat different types of neck conditions, such as cervical sprain injuries, intervertebral disc injuries, whiplash and even degenerative joint syndrome of your neck.

Signs you need immediate attention

While there are various things you can try at home to relieve your neck pain, such as changing your pillow, suing an ice massage to reduce the selling and various neck exercises, there are some extreme cases where you’ll require visiting a chiropractor. Some warning signs to watch out for include:

  • When your neck pain starts right after an accident.
  • When the neck pain has now moved to your wrists and hands causing a tingling sensation.
  • When your pain doesn’t improve after a few days.
  • When you’ve been using painkillers regularly to treat the pain.
  • You cannot turn to your left or right without severe pain.

Your chiropractor will ask you some questions regarding the history of the neck pain, the type of movement that worsens the pain and what things you do that makes it feel better. Furthermore, he will check to see how you move your neck and examine any numbness in your hands or arms.

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Wide range of treatment options

The chiropractor will use a set of techniques such as spinal manipulation and manual therapy to treat your pain. Manual therapy techniques can be in the form of therapeutic massage, stretching the joint and soft tissue therapy through the use of an instrument. Additionally, the chiropractor may recommend some exercises to improve your neck’s range of motion as well as reduce the pain.

If you wake up with a painful and stiff neck that just won’t go away, it’s important to visit a chiropractor to diagnose the cause of the pain and come up with an effective treatment plan.