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Knee Arthritis 101: Common Symptoms

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Knee ArthritisKnee arthritis is a progressive degenerative disease that causes knee joint pain and inflammation. This may affect the whole knee joint, which includes the bones, muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. The progression of knee arthritis is significantly influenced by several factors, such as age, bone structure, weight, genetics, activity level, and strength. It may also develop after a severe knee injury.

What Knee Arthritis Feels Like

People with knee arthritis may experience different symptoms, depending on their condition’s progression. As the team of details, you may experience pain and inflammation when the cartilage protecting the knee joint’s bone deteriorates, causing friction between the bones. The duration, type, and level of your physical activities may directly affect your symptoms.

Common symptoms of knee arthritis include increasing pain after or during physical activities, such as walking, running, or climbing. Tenderness of the knee joint, grinding, cracking, or popping sensations whenever you move your knee are also symptoms. You may feel stiffness or pain following prolonged sitting with your knee straight or bent.

These symptoms don’t manifest suddenly, but gradually develop. If you’re experiencing pain that won’t go away even if you rest and if it persists over the months, go to a physiotherapy clinic to have your knees checked.

Physiotherapy and Knee Arthritis

Knee arthritis may be manageable with physiotherapy, depending on the related conditions and the severity of the condition. Severe cases may require knee surgery and physiotherapy during recovery. Treatment will focus on alleviating and managing your symptoms. A physiotherapist can develop a customised treatment programme to your specific needs. Your specialist may also recommend exercises that you must do at home to ensure your treatment plan will be effective.

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