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Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Bath Travel

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A bridge in Bath CityBath’s mystic image attracts a lot of tourists. If you’re one of those who want to see Bath’s majestic prowess in person but feel like you don’t have the budget to afford it, think again. There are ways you can enjoy the city and make the most of your trip without going bankrupt.

Book Your Accommodation Early

One of the first things you must do is to find a reasonably priced accommodation that will serve as your home away from home while you’re in Bath. To have the energy that will last you wandering around this enigmatic city, you should have a comfortable place to stay and rest. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Take advantage of an opportunity to get Bath City Centre hotels for an affordable price by booking early. Mostly, early birds who reserve for their accommodation before their travel dates are offered significant discounts.

Free Attractions and Tours

When you can save significant amount of money for your accommodation, you’re almost halfway to having the most affordable Bath tour. But you shouldn’t stop there. Take note of the following free attractions:

Royal Crescent – This town house that’s iconic for its crescent-shaped architecture can be viewed for free. Walk up to the building and enjoy its striking views from a distance, up close, and even overlooking the city centre.

Victoria Park – Bath’s biggest park, which is located nearby the Royal Crescent, can be accessed without any cost as well. This huge area of greenery with a boating pond, botanical garden, and a golf course also hosts concerts and other activities.

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Pulteney Weir – A walking tour of the Pulteney Weir, which will also bring you to see the Pulteney Bridge, is a great addition to your wonderful Bath experiences.

Exploring Bath, including its rich Roman and Georgian past, doesn’t have to burden your purse. You can enjoy this spa city for all its worth by booking your accommodation early and visiting free attractions on top of its main tourist draws, such as its luxurious spas and the amazing Roman Baths.