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Botox: A Wonder Drug that Appeals to the Wrinkle-Free Generation?

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Botox Treatment in DraperAdvertisers initially marketed the Botox treatment as a procedure for middle-aged women that can help smoothen unwanted wrinkles and prolong their youthful appearance. Their advertising approach has paid off, as 90% of those who choose to under Botox treatment are women, and about 60% are between 45 to 54 years old.

Not all those who choose to go through Botox treatment are middle-aged and older women, however. In fact, almost 20% of Botox users are women below 40 years old. They turn to the preventive powers of Botox treatment in the belief that it will prevent facial wrinkling.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth more than a Pound of Cure

More and more young patients have been displaying proactive efforts is seeking Botox treatment as soon as the faintest traces of wrinkles start to appear. The prospect of freezing one’s youthful appearance is a seductive idea, after all. Additionally, the prospect of avoiding a full surgery when they get older is too good to pass up.

There is no study that proves that Botox treatment is indeed preventative, however. While undergoing early Botox treatment can help preserve the youthful appearance of skin and give it a healthier glow, the effects of a Botox injection are only temporary. On average, one treatment should be good for about six months. Patients who want optimum results should get injections at least twice a year.

Maintaining a Sensible Skin-Care Regime

The popularity of the Botox treatment reflects society's love affair with youth and beauty. In a media-saturated world, there is a preoccupation with the body image reinforced by the media. Some medical experts believe those standards are somewhat to blame for the popularity of the Botox procedure among younger women.

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Botox on its own, however, isn’t enough to help maintain a person’s youthful charm. Patients are encouraged by doctors to use skin care products that protect and hydrate the skin regularly. Only after maintaining a sensible skin-care regime may patients resort to other cosmetic procedures, should they want to enhance the beauty of their skin further.

The allure of Botox treatment has transcended age barriers. More and more women are seeking the cosmetic procedure to enhance their features and prevent more serious aging and wrinkling problems later down the road.