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Three Must-See Places & Activities in Singapore for Kids

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little boy in cable car to Sentosa, SingaporeHeading off to Singapore with your family? Perhaps the first thing you’ve thought of is where to take your kids for a great time in the Lion City. While Singapore is known for its culture and historic places, it also has its fair share of kid-friendly destinations that would surely keep kids on their toes.

If you’re looking to book a few activities for your kids on your next visit to Singapore, include these options on your to-do list for the entire family.

Explore Sentosa Island

A visit to Singapore will never be complete without dropping by iconic areas like the Sentosa Island, one of the most interesting places in Singapore for families. Sentosa Island offers a variety of activities and sceneries that are worth exploring.

Enjoy some themed restaurants and entertainment

No one is too young to enjoy eating out in nice restaurants. One place of interest in Singapore for families is the many themed restaurants which offer a different bite and fare for every occasion.

Singapore is teeming with many family-friendly and kid-recommended restaurants that can satisfy your little one’s hunger and curiosity. Singaporean cuisine is interesting in itself because of the unique combination of flavors. According to Serious Eats, Singaporean cuisine is like a merging of many cuisines. You can find influences of Southern China, Indian, and even European cuisines if you know where to look.

What’s great about this is that checking out the different restaurants and cuisine alone can make up your itinerary, because every meal of the day can bring a different experience.

Learn more about flora and fauna

The lush rainforests, beaches, and zoos are always fun to go to if only for its entertainment and educational value. In Singapore, there are several zoos and parks where guests can learn more about the wildlife.

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It is also a country full of different insects. A dragonfly alone has over 120 species within Singapore, stated Flora Fauna Web.

As an ever-changing city, Singapore remains to be one of the most innovative countries, ever-changing to adapt to the locals and tourists’ needs. Finding interesting places in Singapore for the family is just a matter of tailoring your tastes to your surroundings and being ready to explore.