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Talking to Your Barber – How To Get a Haircut You Actually Want

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Barber Cleaning a Customer's BeardAn unkempt head of hair or beard does not look good on anybody, that’s why a regular haircut is a necessity for every man. However, now and then you get a bad haircut. In these instances, you walk out of the barbershop wishing you had never come in the first place. More often than not, it’s not about the barber’s skill; it’s just about communication.

In this article, you will find several ways you can make your barber better understand you. Top barbershops in London such as Porters Barbers are known for their artisans, but without proper communication, their work can leave you feeling dissatisfied. Here’s what you should do to have a better experience every time:

Enter the Barbershop with Ideas

Do not go to a hair appointment without an idea of what you want out of a haircut. Before your trip, look through magazines or photos online to find ideas. It is a good thing to be able to show your barber images of the hairstyle you want. Start the conversation instead of waiting for your barber to start. This way, the barber will not have to assume that you’re on the same page.

Be Precise When Possible

“A slight trim”, “a bit tapered” or a “tad shorter” do not give much regarding clarity. So instead, use estimates like two centimeters or use your fingers to gesture to the barber. Do this whenever possible, so they have a more solid idea of what you want.

Texture is an Important Aspect

It’s not all about length when it comes to getting a good haircut. Good barbers will also be able to control the texture of the hair in specific areas. Do you want it to be choppy, flat, heavy, thin or layered? The textured cuts can make a huge difference to how your hair turns out.

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The average man grows about 590 miles of hair in a lifetime and trimming is a necessity. Some take it as an opportunity to sport a fresh look while some just shrug it off as a chore. However, by providing your barber with more information about what you want, you can always walk out of the barbershop with a smile.

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