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Safe and Delicious: Pay Attention to Safe and Delectable Menus

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Grilled Salmon On White PlateRestaurant owners have one goal: to make customers happy – after all, happy and satisfied customers guarantee better sales.

But what does it take to make customers consistently happy with your services?

For restaurants, food is always the clincher. Your menu might sound fancy, but if it’s not as delicious or presentable, customers will turn up their nose in disgust.

Still, it’s not just the taste of the food that makes or breaks a restaurant’s popularity and credibility. Your food shouldn’t just be presentable and delicious – it should also be safe.

Safe Restaurant Food

There is a reason authorities are strict with rules and insist on guidelines and handlers’ certificates for the staff.

Dealing with food can be complicated, especially if your goal is to create a healthy and safe working environment. Restaurants should always comply with food safety standards frequently regulated by the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code.

What does this usually involve?

The code insists establishments should have adequate equipment and space for food preparation. This includes proper lighting, ventilation, garbage disposal and sewerage, and sanitation of floors, walls and ceilings.

Proper Handling of Food

To ensure safety, your restaurant should have a food safety supervisor, as well as hand washing facilities in convenient locations. Each facility should be located at least five meters from each food handling station.

Also, food products and other ingredients should be stored away from potential sources of contamination. Personal items and cleaning chemicals should be stored in a different container, away from the ingredients. Also, particular foods require controlled temperature; cold ingredients, for example, must be stored in containers below 5 degrees Celsius in temperature, while hot foods – above 60 degrees Celsius.

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Initially, it sounds like too much work. Keep in mind, however, that customer satisfaction does not depend on the taste of food alone. Safety is always a top priority; if you fail to pass the standards, customers will stay away.

Develop an efficient system to ensure customers will enjoy scrumptious meals without worrying too much.