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Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry to Choose From

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Cosmetic Dentistry Cosmetic dentistry been gaining traction particularly because of the boost in self-esteem that typically comes with it. Cosmetic dentistry is the dental practice involving the modification of the appearance of teeth. Due to the influence the teeth has on an individual’s overall appearance, it is only natural that people have invested time and money in this industry.

Popular trends in cosmetic dentistry normally involve certain aspects of the teeth’s appearance. This is usually to address issues such as unequal sizes, discolouration, and lost teeth. These three aspects encompass most of what cosmetic dentistry in Manchester deals with, Smylife details.

Uneven Sizes

Tooth sizes are generally uneven, as the perfect chiclet teeth are more uncommon than uneven ones. Most teeth are expected to have one irregular thing about their sizes, placement, and or gaps. These characteristics should not be considered as defects or impairments, but having them adjusted is always an option that you can take. This may help improve the confidence of an individual. Some of the treatments involve the application of braces to adjust positions and gaps, and some more complex procedures to change the shape of teeth.


Discolouration of the teeth is another naturally occurring event, expedited by the use of substances containing caffeine and nicotine. To deal with this aspect of teeth appearance, a dentist can offer bleaching of the teeth through numerous possible procedures. The patient can choose from laser whitening, bleach whitening, the use of gels and pastes, and more. Consulting with your dentist is important to find out which one can work best for you and your lifestyle.

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Lost Teeth

Lost and missing teeth can easily be replaced. Procedures for this problem fall under general dentistry as well due to the nature of its necessity. Replacement of teeth is not only for appearance but for restoring function as well. Some of the most common procedures in replacing teeth include the installation of dental implants, dentures, crowns, bridges, and veneers.

If you would like to address a certain part of your teeth’s characteristics to make its appearance better, then you can go to your cosmetic dentist and consult them regarding the best cosmetic dentistry procedure for you.