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Orlando: The Best City for a Staycation in 2017

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A blue license plate with the word staycationOrlando’s food and entertainment led it to rank as the best city for a “staycation” in the U.S. for 2017, according to an analysis.

Aside from food and entertainment, the analysis based its rankings on 150 cities on the recreation and rest and relaxation factors. For instance, Orlando also has the most public golf courses per capita, which helped it land on the top spot.

Local Activities

Orlando also has the most number of spas, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops, and zoos and aquariums per capita. Other cities in Florida also ranked among the best cities. Tampa landed on the top five, while Fort Lauderdale and Miami ranked on the top 35 cities, according to WalletHub.

These cities in the state served as an alternative for those who want to spend their free time on a shoestring budget, or if they are traveling with a baby. notes that equipment rental in Miami or Orlando should be in your checklist if you’re planning a leisure trip with an infant.

Baby Tips

If you intend to go on a trip with your baby, the best way to enjoy the long drive is to set up a nap time in between destinations. Most babies dislike a disrupted routine, so you should plan on how to make them feel at ease.

The most challenging part, however, will be an unexpected change in your baby’s behavior during the trip. Some of these changes may be due to the new environment. Make the necessary preparations to avoid problems during your trip.

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Orlando may have the best food, amenities, and recreational activities necessary for a great staycation, but your experience may vary, especially if you’re traveling with a child.