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Ghost Hunting Adventures: What to Bring

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Spooky ForestEven if you think that you have a faint heart, chances are you are still interested in ghost hunting. And why not? When you were young, you have been told of many ghost stories that keep you up all night. Your imagination runs wild whenever you are alone at home or walking through a dark neighborhood.
Now is the time to up your game. Go ghost hunting! You can invite your friends to explore some sites, such as cemetery or a haunted jail house, just for fun. But before you go on such adventure, you ought to gear up.
Here are some of the essentials you should bring with you.

A Long-lasting Torch

This should be automatically part of your arsenal. Chances are you will walk through the dark, so you will need some light to guide you. Get a torch with long-lasting batteries. Also, bring back-ups. If your smartphone has a torch, keep your unit fully charged just in case.

A Camera and a Recorder

If you stumble upon some elemental disturbances, you will need a camera or a recorder to capture it. Keep your units fully charged. You may want to get a camera with infrared and night vision function. Do not forget to bring a voice recorder. Supernatural elements make their presence felt through noise and vibration.

A Temperature and Magnetic Field Meter

Other than visual apparitions and noises, paranormal elements can come in the form of environmental disturbances. Changes in temperature and magnetic field are one of them. As such, it will be wise if you bring a temperature and electromagnetic field meter.

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Ghost hunting is not just a fun and thrilling adventure. It may teach you a lot about the history of the site you are visiting. More importantly, it will teach you to be brave. It will encourage you to trust your friends.