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Cosmetic Dentistry: Bleaching, Bonding, Braces and More

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Dental Treatment There are a number of ways that your teeth may improve its appearance – from teeth replacement to reshaping and more procedures for your every need. This can all be done thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

In the UK, many people turn to cosmetic dentistry. Harley Street Dental Clinic says the treatments may be used to repair, lighten and straighten teeth. Some of the most common procedures to undergo under cosmetic dentistry include braces, bonding, bleaching, and more.

Braces for Correcting Position

Braces are installed on teeth to correct its position. This procedure intends to deal with different bite problems, eliminate the gaps and fix the crookedness of teeth. Orthodontics may help change the positioning by gradually correcting the growth of teeth into the desired space. With the help of an experienced dentist, you can learn how to take good care of your dental braces.

Bonding for Fast Restoration

Bonding, on the other hand, is the procedure done if you would like to deal with discolouration or filling gaps between teeth. This is a simple process of putting a tooth-coloured material where it is needed. This is one of the most common procedures to undergo when it comes to tooth restoration because of its speedy recovery and convenience. The only thing to watch out for about dental bonding is the increased possibility of the bonding getting chipped.

Bleaching for Whiter Teeth

One may achieve whiter teeth with the help of bleaching. It is the process of eliminating stains using peroxides and using laser light to speed up the process. Teeth bleaching can be done after consulting with the local dental practice.

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With all the different procedures for cosmetic dentistry and for making the appearance of your teeth a lot better, there is no need to suffer stares and embarrassing moments caused by bad teeth. Know the procedure that may help you get the teeth you deserve.