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Are Surgical Supplies Best Bought or Leased?

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Surgical SuppliesFor any new practice, surgical or otherwise, one of the most significant considerations to make is whether to buy or lease equipment. This editorial guides owners toward the choice that will benefit their establishment in both the short- and long-term.


Owning equipment makes sense if the buyer knows that it will last for a considerable time and is not likely to become obsolete soon. Whether one purchases surgical supplies online or at a store, it is important that the items offer long-term value for money and will eventually enable the purchaser to recoup the purchase and the ongoing maintenance costs.

Purchasing can offer peace of mind to many business owners, enabling them to invest in the establishment’s long-term future. On the other hand, this investment may come at a short-term cost that is so high that it cripples the company before it manages to take off. Prospective buyers should seek advice from people or businesses with experience of owning and maintaining medical equipment.


Of course, a new practice must find ways to operate, even if the level of cash flow does not allow them to purchase expensive equipment. Some small- and medium-sized establishments decide against borrowing money — a sound option given that there is no guaranteed formula for success in the medical industry or any industry, for that matter. In these instances, leasing can be a good option, providing short-term returns until the new medical practice has become more established.

The smartest approach is often to lease in the short-term, whilst saving to purchase equipment in the long-term. Practices must then decide the point at which leasing surgical supplies becomes uneconomic and make the necessary transition to equipment ownership.

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The choice between buying and leasing surgical supplies can make or break a medical practice. This is why owners must make the decision with care.