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A Guide to Restaurant Hunting While Travelling

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Couple eating pasta at a restaurantTouring a new place is always exciting. Aside from immersing yourself in other people’s culture and lifestyle, you also get to taste and experience their local food.

To make the most out of your trip, finding good restaurants in Penge and other areas in London is a must. So before you board that plane, make sure you have a list of your must-go-to restaurants and cafes.

Read blogs and follow handles

Do your research by following foodie blogs. Foodies are like food critics, but on a more honest and relatable level than Michelin judges. If reading is not your thing, following hashtags and food handles on Instagram and other social media sites can also give you an idea.

Ask around

If you have not done your research before getting to London, the next best thing to do is to ask locals around for recommendations. Their recommendations might not be published in food and travel magazines, but suggestions from locals are the closest you can get to get to know their culture better.

Download food and travel apps

Food and travel apps can help you decide where to grab your breakfast or where to chill after dinner. Some states even have their own local guide apps designed to help visitors plan their tour as well as their meals.

Avoid tourist attractions

Restaurants near tourist attractions might be convenient, but they are almost always priced higher than local ones and are commercialized.

Look for lines

Queuing up when your stomach is growling might not be a good idea. But lines are almost always a good indicator that there is something good in that restaurant, thus the people and the long line.

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Do not settle for fast food chains just because you do not know where to eat in a foreign place. Be resourceful and get yourself to the best restaurants in town.