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Why Choose a B&B Over a Hotel?

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Businesswoman in a hotel Are you planning a holiday? Before you browse online for rates at hotels in your destination, why not consider staying at a bed & breakfast instead? A B&B provides you with a different experience, good value for money and expert knowledge about the places you want to explore.

These are some of the reasons to stay at a B&B instead of a hotel.

Good Value for Money

One of the reasons to choose a B&B is because of the good value for money you get; it has similar facilities and amenities without the high price of staying in a hotel. You get to spend more on things you want to see and do and eat during your holiday. Also, you return home with more money in the wallet compared to splurging on 5-star hotels. The service you get is on par or sometimes better in a bed & breakfast, which makes the experience worthwhile.

Ideal Location

A boutique B&B in Bath and other places in the UK are better than most hotels because of their central location. This allows you to explore the destinations you want at your pace; you also get to explore quaint alleys and streets rather than the commercialised districts.

Homemade Meals

Forget the usual continental breakfast and set meals in hotels, bed & breakfasts provide you with home cooked meals that add value to your holiday experience. You get to eat local food prepared by someone who lives in the city or town you are staying.

Themed Rooms

What separates bed & breakfasts from other higher priced hotels is the theme; some rooms may make you feel like you are in another country. Some B&Bs add value by adding a fireplace in the room, antique furniture and other similar additions to create a unique staying experience. Some hotels provide the same ambience but are more expensive.

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B&Bs are an ideal choice to stay in when you go on holiday because they provide good value, a perfect location, great ambience and excellent service.