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When is Best to Get Discounts on Airfares? Learn Here

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airplane seatThe air transport sector has advanced in such a way that it became both a necessity and a luxury. Nowadays, flight tickets are more affordable that nearly anybody can afford to buy one. Unless you plan on going on a road trip, you should consider booking flights to your destinations.

Speaking of air transport from South Bend, Indiana with a focus on cheap flights, South Bend International Airport and other travel experts list what you should consider to make the most of them:

How early is early?

Know when you should book your flight to enjoy significant savings. If you look at most flight schedules and packages, tickets are lower if you book them at least seven weeks early. However, that will also depend on where you’re traveling and where you’ll be coming from.

How late is late?

You, most likely, will get the tickets at high rates if you book too late or early (over five months in advance). Typically, the safest times are between three weeks and four months to your planned flight date.

Best Time of Day

You could end up paying 3% more in fares if you book tickets at 3 A.M. or so. Also, avoid booking early on Mondays and Tuesdays. That is because most markets manage their sales at these times.

If Possible, These Days Can Wait

The costs of flight tickets are high during peak seasons and on national holidays. Consider booking your tickets during the mid-week where it will be the most economical. The weekends are the most expensive to book flight tickets.

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When looking to book cheap flights to save on air travel costs, identify the days when the tickets are the most affordable. However, if you have a tight work schedule, you can check with your local flight to know which time, days and dates will work best for you.