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What to Save and Splurge On During Your Wedding

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WeddingKeeping within your budget when planning your wedding can be torturous if you don’t know what you can splurge and skimp on. The problem with most couples is they can get swept off their feet with the excitement of their upcoming union. With that in mind, here are two aspects of your wedding you can splurge on, and another two elements you can skimp on without feeling any regret.

Feel free to splurge on:

1) The Wedding Photographer – To have a wedding ceremony worth remembering, get the service of a professional wedding photography company. Remember that more than one generation of your family will be looking at your wedding pictures. Do splurge a little on your video and photo package.

2) Your Make-Up Artist – Having the perfect look for that day is as important as getting the right photographer. You can choose to rent a suit or wedding dress for that day, but if your make-up and hair are not done properly, you’d end up with tragic shots you’ll have to live with for a very long time.

Feel free to save on:

1) The Souvenirs – What people will remember is the glow of the bride and the happiness of the groom. Unless you hand out pictures of yourself in a lovely pose, a wedding souvenir can hardly remind your guests of how wonderful you look together. It’s best to keep your wedding favors simple and affordable.

2) The Decor – As much as you’d like your Denver venue to be as elegant or glamorous as possible, the real focus of the celebration should still be the bride and the groom. Having simple decorations for both the reception and ceremony venues can easily be forgiven once people see how breathtaking the couple is on their wedding day.

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Take the time to talk to your partner about other possible items you can save on and pay a little extra for. This will be a good exercise on compromise and cooperation in marriage. Just remember that your ultimate goal is to be happy with your wedding’s outcome.