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The What, Why, and How of Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment in Spanish ForkYou have heard it already. Your next-door neighbor is actually bragging about how his dentist was able to perform a successful root canal on him. Root what? For many root canal may seem like a very odd name for a procedure that is designed to regain tooth integrity and save it from damage.

What is Root Canal Anyway?

In endodontics in Spanish Fork, root canal is a procedure where a space is created inside the tooth and then filled with an appropriate material.

Why Perform a Root Canal?

Dentists often recommend root canal in severe cases of tooth decay especially when it has already reached the pulp layer of the tooth. This pulp cavity contains blood vessels and nerves making it quite painful. When one of the blood vessels is damaged, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and create infection somewhere else in the body.

Root canal addresses this concern by removing the infected pulp, cleaning the chamber, and then filling it up with appropriate material effectively sealing the tooth.

How is it Done?

Root canal often starts with the dentist giving you a local anesthetic in order to numb both the affected tooth and the tissue surrounding it. The dentists uses an endodontic file to create a passageway to the inflamed pulp. The entry point is made through the tooth’s crown.

Once an opening and a route to the pulp chamber has been established, the infected pulp material is then carefully removed. Other tissues that may show signs of deterioration are also removed. The resulting cavity is meticulously shaped to accommodate the filling material. Once your dentist is satisfied with the tooth pulp cavity landscaping, the entire area is thoroughly cleaned. In most cases, your dentist will thoroughly flush the root canal to make sure no debris is left.

The canal is then filled with an appropriate dental filling. In most cases, your dentist will use a gutta-percha, which will act as a permanent seal on the excavated pulp chamber. This way, you don’t have to worry about getting tooth decay and bacterial infections anymore.

To finish the procedure, your dentist may apply a dental crown or even a dental cap to improve its aesthetics.

Root canal treatment is an important endodontic procedure to save tooth that is severely infected. It seals the infected chamber so that further damage to the tooth can be prevented.

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