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The Problem with Lost Teeth: How It Affects You

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Person Losing TeethThe problem with missing teeth is not limited to the way your smile looks. There are other effects that you have to know if you want to be completely healthy. Do not ignore the gaps left behind by lost teeth, if you don’t want these problems. Consider getting dental implants in Shrewsbury to address lost teeth. Implants are perhaps the most natural-looking teeth replacements.

Here is a list of the common problems associated with missing teeth.

Loss of alveolar bone

The alveolar bone, which is the sac-like bone surrounding each tooth, needs the stimulation that the tooth provides when it comes in contact with other teeth. When you lose a tooth, its alveolar bone does not get the stimulation it needs. Eventually, the alveolar bone decreases in width and height.

Loss of gum tissue

Loss of gum tissue follows the bone loss. This situation may affect speech and the ability to chew normally. There are serious functional as well as aesthetic problems that may follow gum tissue decrease.

Loss of basal bone

The basal bone is the jawbone proper. After losing the alveolar bone, you may begin to lose mass in the basal bone. The lower third of your face then begins to collapse. This collapse is what you usually see in some older people. When your jawbone ‘resorbs’, you are more prone to jaw injuries.

Sagging facial muscles and lips

Without your molars, your front teeth are pushed forward. You may start using them to chew, but that is not their function, so the force is bad for them. The face begins to sag even more because the front teeth cannot hold it. You could appear sad and older when this happens.

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Apart from the problems you may have with your facial structure, you may also have issues with further tooth loss because of the bacteria that sits in areas where teeth used to be. That bacteria may also reach your heart, causing serious heart ailments. Immediately act if you lose a tooth. Talk to your dentist about implants, bridges, or dentures to know which one fits you.