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The Culprits Behind Sunken Cheeks and Areas Around the Mouth

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A senior man smiling while enjoying the outdoors One of the most common signs of aging is the sunken appearance of the face, particularly the cheeks and the areas surrounding the mouth. This takes place when the body loses the subcutaneous fat found and stored in these parts of the face. Weight loss, illness, and tobacco smoking habits also largely contribute to this occurrence.

However, there is another reason why this happens, which not a lot of people know: teeth loss.

The severe damage teeth loss brings

It’s important for individuals who lost a tooth/teeth to have it checked right away. One of their best options is to contact a Manteca dentist like Smile Designs Dentistry specializing in dental implants as soon as possible. This will help them avoid further, much more severe damage, including jaw bone deterioration, which can ultimately lead to a sunken appearance of the face.

Teeth loss equals bone loss

The alveolar process – the part of the jawbone supporting the teeth – requires stimulation to remain healthy, functional, and whole. The teeth attached to it provide this much-needed stimulation through biting or chewing. So when a tooth is lost, it will lose its density and structure since it no longer has anything to support.

How loss of teeth takes place

Of the many ways people can experience a tooth/teeth loss, the most common are through periodontal (gum) disease.

This happens when the gums become inflamed, the symptoms of which typically take the form of swelling and redness. People who suffer from this disease also find their gums easily bleeding whenever they brush their teeth. Although these signs are normal bodily responses against the accumulated bacteria within the gums, they can bring about serious damage in the long run, and one of worse is tooth loss.

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Prevention is always much better than cure, but if you already lost a tooth (or a few), you should invest in dental implants. These are the only appliances that serve the same exact function as your original teeth.