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Teeth Whitening: Would You Settle for DIY Home Kits?

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A young boy smiling and revealing his teeth The National Health Service in the UK defined teeth whitening as a procedure done by a certified dentist to help patients achieve brighter teeth. The treatment involves the use of bleach to fix stains caused by several factors, including the consumption of coffee or tea and smoking. But even if you do not smoke or drink coffee, the ageing process plays a role in the fading brightness of your teeth.


According to an experienced dentist, teeth whitening cost and related expenses will depend on your treatment and the provider. The NHS suggests that you only seek this procedure only from a dental professional, instead of buying do-it-yourself home kits.

There has been a debate whether kitchen ingredients, such as turmeric, can whiten our teeth. Whilst some have claimed that it is indeed effective, it is still best not to experiment with natural ingredients until scientific proof can back the claim.

In addition, you should not get the services of beauty salons for this type of treatment. Performing teeth whitening procedure without certification is against the law.

Reasons to Undergo Teeth Whitening

Patients have different reasons for seeking whiter teeth and results will not always be the same. The NHS said that a patient may or may not achieve a smile that is brighter than that of another patient. If you have false teeth, dental whitening will be ineffective. This likewise applies to crowns, fillings and bridges.

There are risks involved too, although the likelihood of them taking place remains minimal when the procedure is done by a board-dentist. These include irritation to the gums if you have sensitive teeth.

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Whitening is a great solution to fix your problems with yellowish teeth, but this procedure requires the experience and expertise of a professional. Let your dentist perform the treatment instead of doing things on your own.