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Smoking Increases Risk of Implants Falling Out

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Smoking Everyone knows that there are no redeeming qualities to smoking, and the list of reasons people should quit the habit only keeps growing. The latest argument against lighting up is for the benefit of people with dental implants. Recent studies are showing that smoking significantly increases the likelihood of dental implant failure.

Another Butt Bites the Dust

Spanish researchers began following 66 dental implant patients for five years in order to see the long-term effects of smoking on the success of their treatment. The disparity between the test groups could not be greater. The failure rate for smoker implant patients was 15.8 percent, while their non-smoker counterparts only recorded a failure rate of 1.4 percent.

According to scientists, it wasn’t the result, but the difference between the groups that was the most surprising. Everyone already knows that smoking was an obstacle to the effectiveness of dental implants, as it carries a greater risk for infection, especially after the surgery. The habit also slows down the healing process with all the chemicals it introduces into the mouth.

Healing is one the most important part of any treatment, but it’s paramount to the success of a dental implant procedure. If neither the bone nor the gum secures the implant, it will just fall out and all the pain and inconvenience of the procedure will all be for nothing.

The Delicate Balance of Implants

A dental implant is one of the most effective treatments in the industry, but it also has the strictest requirements before becoming of any use to patients. Before a dentist can suggest this as a treatment, a patient needs to be in good health, have adequate bone support, and strong gums. After the surgery, patients will also need to adopt meticulous oral habits and visit their dentist regularly.

The attention dentists give implant patients is warranted, as the process involves anaesthetics, surgeons, and even antibiotics. In fact, Harley Street dental implant dentists have teams dedicated to this particular service. This just goes to show the amount of attention the industry gives to dental implants and the level of care every implant treatment requires.

Smoking is a habit that does not give the smoker any benefits, and is proven beyond a doubt to harm people. Do not do your body any more damage, and ensure that the investment of money, energy and attention spent on an implant does not go to waste.