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Smoke no More: Reasons to Finally Ditch the Habit

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SmokerThere’s no denying a lot of Americans smoke cigarettes. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some 42 million adults do it as a habit — with over 480,000 people dying from its effects every year.

Because of that, the CDC categorizes smoking as the “leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States”. Smoking is a habit that’s hard to kill, but it’s better to avoid being killed by it.

With the keyword being “preventable,” the most logical solution to avoid death by smoking is to quit doing it. Here are some reasons to quit the lethal habit:

Smoking Often Leads to Various Diseases

The most likely disease you can get in a few years’ time is lung cancer. Other diseases that smoking increases the risks of, as says, include ankle ulcer, asthma, and lifestyle diseases. While some of those can be treated, it’s always better to live clean rather than seeing the doctor regularly for treatment. Going to the hospital—not for checkup, but to get dozens of tests to feel better — is nerve-wracking and tedious, to the point that it can affect your way of life.

Smoking can Cost You a Great Sum of Money

Speaking of hospitals, since you’re getting treatment for a disease that’s caused by smoking, you will need to shell out a lot of money. Medical treatment is no laughing matter — especially if you’re doing it regularly. A stick or pack of cigarettes may seem cheap, but the outcome of smoking them can really cost you more. Avoid putting your money in the drain by simply stopping smoking.

Smoking Kills

This is probably the strongest reason to quit the bad habit. You should take note that smoking can not only kill you — it can kill those around you as well. Secondhand smoking can even be more dangerous than smoking cigarettes yourself.

There are still a lot of reasons to stop smoking, but you have to remember that only you can help yourself stop it. You may seek for assistance, but if you don’t have the willpower to do so, nobody will ever be able to help you.