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Short Hair: The Beauty of Trimming Your Locks

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Hair Trimming There will be times when you find yourself in need of a haircut. You look in the mirror and see your hair in its glory, then think, “What if you take off a few inches?” While you may feel like you need this for a change, it is important to think about your decision carefully.

Haircuts are no simple matter, especially for women. A few cuts here and there can drastically affect your overall look.

Here are some things to look into before going for that short hairdo:

Start with the Cons

The main reason some may oppose cutting their hair is the time it takes to grow. You worked hard in growing it out. In just one trip to the salon, your long, precious locks are all gone. The regret is understandable. After all, most women find it harder to grow hair faster than men do.

There is also that dreaded awkward stage in growth. There will be a moment when the hair has grown out of its shortness, but still not long enough to tie up in a bun. This would call for more cuts or hair extensions for that long hairdo you are missing.

End with the Pros

Nonetheless, having short hair opens you up for more styles. It looks chic, adding an interesting touch to your persona. It works best in the summer, as short hair provides a more refreshing feeling.

Short hair is easier to wash in the shower. You can say goodbye to an hour long of drying your hair, or having to go out with your hair half-dry. Getting highlights will also be cheaper than it would have been if your hair were long. The same goes for haircuts.

There is truth in the saying, “The hair is the crowning glory.” It does not matter whether you go short or long; the important thing is that you have confidence in your style.