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Salons are Good with Hair, Not So with Teeth

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Cosmetic DentistryEarly this October, the news of a woman who lost her front teeth after a dental treatment from an unlicensed beautician made a splash across online news sites. Kellie Taylor, a 43-year-old woman, paid £65 for teeth whitening at a Lancaster beauty salon, which cost her four teeth less after.

The beautician that did the procedure admitted she had no dental qualifications to practise dentistry. After qualified dentists took a closer look at the situation, they found that the peroxide used weakened the gums, necessitating the extraction of four front teeth.

Other than the constant reminder to only trust cosmetic dentistry experts in St. John’s Wood and the surrounding areas, the case of Kellie Taylor also teaches people that not all commodities with large discounts are bargains – in fact, it teaches the public to be twice more discerning.

What Could Go Wrong?

Taylor said in a report that she did not even think about what could go wrong after spotting the affordable offer at the beauty salon. Although the beautician paid her compensation, Kellie is now spending an even larger amount to restore her appearance.

Other than paying for the court order compensation, the beautician was also asked to pay General Dental Council costs of £1468.63 and a £15 victim surcharge and a 12-month conditional discharge after admitting the offence to the higher court.

Trust Only the Experts

Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting whiter teeth, it is important for patients seeking treatment to have their stained teeth looked at not by beauticians, but by registered dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, and clinical dental technicians.

Salons are qualified to cut hair and apply make-up, but without license, are not qualified to carry out any cosmetic procedures on a client’s teeth, gums or any other part of the mouth or body. You can trust these talented beauticians with your hair and your face, but unfortunately, not with your teeth.