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Pain, Swelling, and Other Things to Expect After a Wisdom Tooth Extraction

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Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Salt Lake CityThe post-operative care of a wisdom tooth removal is not much different from a standard tooth extraction. There are dietary restrictions, and you will expect utmost discomfort in the first two days after surgery.

Here is a closer look at the post-operative events that you can expect once you have arrived home from the procedure:

Pain and swelling

After removal of wisdom teeth, Salt Lake City dentists are very particular on recovery. Some follow a patient-centered approach and discuss remedies when dealing with pain and swelling. You will find this kind of approach rather comforting, as you will go home with the prescribed medication to lessen the pain and know what to expect once the effects of the anesthetic wears off.

When the pain you feel is different from what you were told, inform your dentist immediately. Get medical care before the condition of your extracted site worsens. Another unavoidable consequence of wisdom tooth extraction is swelling around the area. The swelling will continue until about three days following the procedure; this will gradually recede. Your dentist will prescribe medication to minimize the swelling, as well.

Remember that you need to focus on resting the area and taking medications as scheduled for the first two days after the surgery. Let the worst come to pass, and you will course through the next few days without any problem.

Avoiding complications

Your dentist will educate you on post-operative care at home to ensure quick recovery and avoid complications. Some of the common complications that may arise due to improper post-op care are dry socket, damage to adjacent teeth, and nerve injury.

You can expect normal healing, as long as you follow your dentist’s advice and refrain from activities that will strain the body.