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Involved in a Car Accident? Know the Impact of Whiplash Injury

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Whiplash Chiropractor in DenverIn most cases following a car accident, people involved will complain of chronic neck pain. Usually, the doctor will examine the whole spine region since the injury can affect other areas other than the neck alone. For this reason, health care professional shares that hiring a whiplash chiropractor in Denver will be necessary to relieve the pain.

Signs of whiplash

You cannot ignore the pain of whiplash injury. Sometimes, the pain is immediate, and in some cases, it can take some hours or days before you can feel any pain. The following are some symptoms that could indicate whiplash.

  • Tenderness in the neck region.
  • Pain, tightness and low motion in the neck, whereby the muscles feels hard.
  • Pain when you move your head back and forth or sideways.
  • Headaches.
Diagnosis of whiplash

Through a description of symptoms, a chiropractor can diagnose whiplash. But, to find out other problems, different scans and tests are necessary. Also, if a fracture is suspected, a thorough exam is advisable.

Treatment plans for whiplash

The best thing is that, with time, whiplash can heal on its own. But to help ease the pain and speed up recovery, the following treatments can be provided.

  • Ice your neck. This is usually important to relieve pain and prevent swelling, and you should do it as soon as possible. Do it for about 20 to 30 minutes after every 3-4 hours. To avoid injury to the skin, wrap the ice in a towel.
  • Neck brace or collar. A chiropractor may recommend adding support to your neck. However, this treatment is only for a short period to avoid weakening the neck muscles.
  • Use of moist heat. This can only be done after 2 to 3 days of using ice bags, and the swelling has gone. Use a warm towel or take a warm bath.
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Ensure you get immediate medical assistance in case of whiplash symptoms. You do not have to wait for the pain to go on its own; proper diagnosis is necessary to avoid delayed treatment in severe cases.