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How invisible aligners have revolutionised orthodontic treatment

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Orthodontic Treatment In the not-too-distant past, if your teeth were crooked, crowded or otherwise misaligned, a traditional metal brace would have been pretty much your only option for treatment. Although these metal braces are a tried and tested method of correcting overlapping or crooked teeth, they are not without problems. Patients have complained of discomfort and difficulty maintaining their oral hygiene around the braces.

Modern technological advances have made it possible to straighten your smile more quickly and in a less conspicuous manner. There are now a wide range of discreet, cosmetically-focussed solutions to common orthodontic problems, and Broadway Dental Clinic in Loughton offers subtle cosmetic orthodontic treatments designed to realign your smile gently, quickly, and without anyone noticing you are wearing an appliance.

A treatment which is growing rapidly in popularity is the use of clear plastic aligners that shift the position of your teeth gradually with minimal lifestyle impact. This type of treatment is virtually undetectable in daily life. Another great thing about these aligners is that they can be removed so you can keep on top of your normal dental hygiene routine.

These types of aligners, such as Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, use high-tech computer software to plot the position of your teeth and plan how long exactly it will take for you to achieve the perfect smile!

The benefits of having a straight smile aren’t restricted to just aesthetics. Having a well-aligned set of teeth makes cleaning and flossing easier than ever, with no gaps or hard to reach areas where plaque likes to build up.

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The build-up of plaque is damaging because on this harmful bacteria can multiply and cause infection of the gums – in other words, gingivitis or gum disease. These kinds of bacteria also can cause tooth cavities that eventually lead to having to have fillings and sometimes painful and expensive root canal treatment.

Choosing to have subtle and fast-acting orthodontic treatment with either discreet braces or removable aligners can make a real difference in helping to prevent such common oral health problems. Because your smile is the first thing many people notice when meeting you, it the cosmetic benefits shouldn’t be underestimated, either.