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Cryptosporidium: A Parasite That May Be in Your Water

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Drinking WaterThe United States boasts of one of the safest supplies of public drinking water in the world, thanks to the strict regulations set by the country’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This, however, does not automatically mean that it is 100 per cent safe from contaminants.

One of the contaminants that has been found by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in many of the country’s cities is Cryptosporidium, a disease-causing microorganism that everyone should be aware of.

What is Cryptosporidium?

According to the NRDC, Cryptosporidium, or Crypto, is a type of waterborne protozoan that lives off of both humans and animals. After they reproduce by the millions inside their hosts, specifically in the intestines, they are excreted in the form of feces. These crypto-containing feces can then be introduced into water sources, contaminating water delivered into households.

What are the health problems caused by this protozoan?

Severe diarrhea is one of the primary health problems caused by Crypto. A person who gets infected can suffer from diarrhea lasting up to two weeks. Fever, abdominal cramps, and nausea are also some of the other health problems that infected people, even those who are in good health, can experience.

The worst part is that, there are no treatments or cures available for the eradication of this protozoan. Even disinfection of water through chlorination is ineffective in eliminating this parasite.

What can be done to prevent these crypto-caused disasters?

Fortunately, you can prevent being infected by this parasite through the use of a high quality filtration system, according to The application of intense ultraviolet light may also work.

Crypto is fatal, especially for individuals who have compromised immune systems. Even if everyone in your household is in otherwise good health, it still pays to be wary of the water coming from your faucet. So rather than risk it, consult a water filtration expert as soon as possible.