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Avoiding Relapse: Life after Drug Addiction

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Recovering from Addiction The road to drug addiction recovery is a long and costly one for the addict, as well as for their family and close friends. The only way a patient could successfully recover from such a personal ordeal is to find a good program coupled with a firm resolve to overcome the addiction.

Completing the program for drug addiction recovery in Orem, Utah or any place, is not the end of the journey for the recovering user. For many, there is that persistent and lingering feeling that they would return to their addiction in a moment’s notice. This threat is a combination of the symptoms of withdrawal and disappointments experienced during the transition to normal life. The patient’s inability to find work, being excluded or ignored during social gatherings, and being treated like an outcast all contribute to a patient’s relapse.

Moving Forward from Addiction

While remaining drug-free and getting back to normal living is not easy, there are ways that help make moving forward manageable. This requires a lot of effort from both the recovering user as well as their family and friends.

  1. Re-establish social and professional ties. Getting back to a normal life means interacting with people on a regular basis. Former co-workers and acquaintances who know of the user’s predicament can help them with the transition. Acquaintances and friends can invite the patient’s friends and set up casual meetings.  They can help manage the initial awkwardness of the situation.
  2. Join a support group. Interacting with “kindred spirits” who share common experiences and concerns with the recovering user can go a long way in helping ensure his new drug-free station. Regular interactions help them to overcome times of disappointment and frustration.
  3.  Form a prayer group. A recovering user needs all the help they can get, so a prayer group can help them focus and meditate on how far they have come. For any patient, it always helps to pray for guidance.
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Getting rid of an addiction is the first step towards leading a normal life. Avoiding a relapse by consciously and consistently making an effort with the help of loved ones and close friends, will help recovering patients move forward in a positive direction.