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3 Reasons Why Athletes Need Good Dentist

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A group of athletes smiling as they take a break If you’re an athlete, you will do everything you can to be on top of your game. But sometimes, not all athletes prioritise having good oral hygiene, which could lead to bad teeth. Here are some reasons why athletes need good dentists. Consider these issues if you’re an athlete looking for a private dentist in Wimbledon.

Increased Tooth Decay Due to Sports Drinks

In a 2015 study, researchers found that the dental health of football players is “poorer” compared to the general public. The culprit? Their increased consumption of sports drinks. The study findings showed that about 37 percent of the players had at least one decayed tooth. They also found that 77 percent needed tooth fillings, some even needing more than five tooth fillings.

High Chances of Chipped or Broken Tooth

High impact sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and basketball leave their players prone to broken or chipped tooth. This is why athletes require regular visits to their dentist to address any broken tooth endured during the games. In fact, dentists recommended wearing a custom-made mouth guard to protect their mouth from dental injuries during the games.

Increased High Food Acidity

Many intra-workout supplements are highly acidic, which could lead to dental erosion. Some fruit juices, sodas, and sports gels are also highly acidic, which can increase the risk of tooth decay. It’s highly important for athletes to visit their dental provider regularly to address any decayed tooth that could lead to tooth loss.

Improving Smiles Among Athletes

Professional athletes, especially the ones who appear on TV and other mainstream media, need to have a good working relationship with their dental providers. Apart from ensuring that their smiles are worth their many paid endorsements, it’s important to safeguard their dental health for the long haul.

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