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3 Party Ideas Your Guests Would Love This Chinese New Year

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Chinese new year in SingaporeIf you’re still reeling from all the excitement and wonderful experiences of your countdown party here in Singapore, lo and behold, you have a new celebration to prepare for. The Chinese New Year is fast approaching! While you still got a month to get ready, it’s best to get some things out of the way.

If you haven’t chosen a theme or venue yet, here are some creative ideas to get things going.

Rent a resort room or a yacht

This suggestion may be a little costly, but nothing really is too extravagant for the family. If you have money to spare, consider renting a small dining room at a resort or hotel, or even a yacht for just one night that could take care of your dining needs as well.

The more access the hotel or marina has to spas, gardens and leisure areas, the better.

Consider light projections

In one of its special issue launches in the United States, renowned travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler, dazzled guests by embellishing the ballroom walls with light projections. The projections showed a school of koi fish swimming in a pond.

If that’s too grand for you, then don’t invest too much in 3D video projections. A simple one will do, and can even double up as a means to display clips with family from way back.

Wear the colours of the New Year

Don’t forget the crimson ornaments, because what’s Chinese New Year without the lucky colour? If you’re not one to create your own decors, just buy it as merchants sell them at affordable prices anyway.

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Make sure to list down key red items, such as paper packets, lanterns and spring couplets, before dashing out of your home and heading to the mall or local grocer.

Make your party memorable for your loved ones and friends this coming New Year. With some of your relatives coming from everywhere, it only makes sense to give them a celebration they can remember for years to come.