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Your Digestive System and the Relevance of Healty Teeth

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TeethThe teeth act as the first step in the process of digestion as they chew and masticate food along with saliva. Once they break the food down into smaller nutrients, these go straight into the digestive system. Chewing food properly sends a signal to the saliva to help in the breaking down of certain carbohydrates.

Poor Digestion Caused by Poor Dental Health

Misaligned and crooked teeth or a missing tooth distorts the natural process of mastication and food breakdown. Each set of teeth has a certain use in the process of digestion; if one tooth succumbs to tooth decay, your mouth will have one less tooth to chew or cut food properly.

  • The molars have a large surface with grooves and pits, which make them ideal for grinding food.
  • The front teeth or incisors have sharp edges that cut food; there are six lower and upper incisors. At the corner of the front teeth are the canines; the long roots of these teeth tear food while eating. The incisors cut food and push it to the back molars with the help of the tongue.
  • The premolars are small compared to the molars and aid in the process by crushing food.

A tooth lost to dental problems such as receding gums, periodontitis, tooth decay or other similar ailments disrupts this process and makes it difficult to digest food properly. With the help of experienced orthodontists like, patients are able to identify potential issues before they worsen.

Dental Problem Treatments

Bone loss, tooth decay and misalignment are treatable dental problems. Common treatments include the installation of dental appliances, removal and grafting.

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Braces, dentures and bridges help realign crooked teeth for a better smile and regaining of proper chewing and mastication. Misalignment makes it difficult for the mouth to break down food properly as over or under bites fail to cut, tear and grind food properly.

Improve the condition of or treat your teeth as they have a direct effect on your digestive system. Have dental appliances installed if necessary to prevent further damage or deterioration of oral health.