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Your Daughter’s First Visit to a Gynecologist

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A name plaque that has the title 'Gynecologist' on it Teenage girls can take better care of their reproductive health by taking a gynecologic exam. According to The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), adolescents should first see a gynecologist between 13 and 15 years old. All teenage girls should see a gynecologist, but it is even more important if your daughter has menstruation problems or has been sexually active.

The Basic Exam

In most cases, the visit will involve an external exam of the genitals. During the first visit, doctors will not require a pelvic exam, but this may be recommended if your daughter has painful menstruation, abnormal vaginal bleeding, and other problems that may be related to reproductive health. This may make any girl feel nervous, so it is important to explain why the visit is necessary.

Purpose of Visit

Seeing a gynecologist is necessary to help your daughter learn more about her changing body, reproductive health, and menstruation. The visit is also advisable to know more about preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. Your daughter will also need to see the specialist if she has reproductive health problems.

Preparing for the Exam

Gynecologists at in Salt Lake City note that the exam doesn’t take too long, and a doctor will usually ask a parent or a friend to be present to make the patient feel comfortable. The exam will also involve medical history talks, so your daughter needs to be prepared when the doctors ask questions. Most questions are related to her period, sexual activity, unusual discharge, itchiness in the vaginal area, and others.

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Answering and Asking Questions

By answering reproductive-health-related questions, the gynecologist will decide if your daughter needs other tests. Note that your daughter can also ask questions, regardless of how embarrassing these queries are. No one, except the specialist, can provide accurate answers and address concerns about her body and sexual health.

It is perfectly understandable that your daughter will feel nervous or scared during her first visit. Let her know what to expect and explain why she needs to undergo an exam.