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Tooth Decay: Basics You Know and Advanced Procedures

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Extensive Tooth Decay Case in NapaTooth decay may seem like a problem only for children, but adults can be affected as well. Tooth decay may be well known to be a children’s health issue because of its prevalence among children. Children are more prone to cavities than adults are, but you can acquire cavities just as well.

Basic Prevention

Now, as an adult, you can probably take care of your children and yourself regarding tooth decay. You can brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. You must floss your teeth daily. Also, it is best to regularly a dentist for professional cleanings, oral examinations, and a comprehensive dental treatment like root canal in Napa. You and your children can do all these to protect your teeth from tooth decay.

Common Remedies

What can you do, however, if cavities have already set in one or more teeth in your mouth or your children’s? You can get a dental filling. The dentist simply needs to remove the decay, and the filling can be put inside the decayed tooth. Alternately, you can also get a dental crown. Your children can have the same procedures, but only for their permanent teeth.

To Save a Tooth

For more advanced problems of tooth decay, you will have to undergo more advanced dental procedures. You can undergo root canal treatment if the decay has reached the pulp of your tooth or teeth. The infected pulp, which is the heart of teeth, will be removed in the procedure. People usually think that root canal treatments are painful, but the procedure is painless.

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A Lost Tooth

Root canal is a procedure meant to salvage what is left of natural teeth. When tooth decay has taken much of a tooth, the only other procedure that can be done is the extraction of the teeth itself. You can have the extracted tooth replaced afterwards with a bridge, an implant, or a denture.

Tooth decay is a common problem that you can easily handle. It may be good for you to know, however, what you can do when decayed teeth go from bad to worse.