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Raising a Reader: Effective Methods for Working Mums and Dads

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ReadingDid you know that early readers have an edge compared to other children?

Research has shown that early readers are more likely to succeed later in school and in professional life. Kids who love to read show more empathy and have higher grades and more self confidence.

But, how can a busy parent like you raise an avid reader?

You have already bought them award-winning children’s books, you read to them at night and you even enroll them in effective brain training centers such as Heguru Education Centre employing cutting-edge instruction through the Heguru method.

So, what more can you do to encourage them to read on their own? Take a slow, deep breath, mums and dads. You aren’t doing anything wrong. They may just need a little more push with these pro tips:

Let them stay up late

Wait, what? Stay up past bedtime? That’s right, mums and dads, you can extend their bedtime by 20 or 30 minutes (whichever is comfortable for you) as long as it’s to read a book. Before you know it, they’ll be deciding what to read at dinner time, so they can be up for an extra half-hour.

Start with what they like

You don’t have to ask them what they want to read. Just look at the digital media they consume! Buy them a magazine, a game guide or an e-book about their favourite game, character or show to start a collection.

When you read to them, end with a cliffhanger

Don’t read to the very end! Stop and then tell them you’ll continue tomorrow night or later. You may be surprised at how they’ll grab the book from your hand and read it on their own.

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Create a reading log or chart

Nothing gets siblings more heated than a competition. Set up a chart on how many books they’ve read in a week or month and see your kids try to outdo each other.

These are just a few things that researchers and experts from preschools and Heguru method centres around the world suggest to parents. Instead of buying award-winning books, why not train them to love reading through well-placed cliffhangers and the incentive to stay up late?