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Mouth Watch: Is Toothache a Dental Emergency?

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Emergency Dental CareSome types of pain can be difficult to ignore. The worst of them is toothache. It is constantly present and it can provide you with a sharp, stinging sensation. You will have problems with eating all day and it can be difficult to enjoy your food. What makes toothaches annoying is that it is right on your head preventing you from focusing on anything you are doing. Sometimes, they may even come at unexpected times. When you suddenly experience sharp pain in your mouth in the middle of the night, you may need the help of an emergency dentist.

What counts as an emergency?

It all depends on the level of pain you are in. Sometimes, the pain can be too much for you to just sleep it off. If you think you can no longer endure the sensation of your tooth problem, your case is already an emergency. It can be hard to find a dentist especially when your case happens during the night or very past midnight. You will need to know a specialist offering services for emergency dental care.

What are the types of dental emergency?

Dental problems can come from accidental damage on your tooth. You might have bitten something that is too hard for your teeth to grind causing it to crack or break apart. Chipped tooth can cause bleeding and may expose your nerves to bacteria. Leaving broken tooth causes it to become too sensitive that you constantly feel pain. Other types of emergency include infection from an injury on your gums or a dental equipment problem.

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Whatever your emergency is, leaving it unattended may cause only more trouble. You will need immediate attention especially when an infection is involved. Do not try to ignore the problem or fix it on your own. Seeking medical attention to a dental problem is of utmost importance.