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Fashion Hacks: Styling with Spectacles

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Girl wearing glasses

Glasses, as depicted in films and TV shows, are a symbol of weakness and gullibility. They are often donned by ‘loser’ characters. In reality, this is not the case. Glasses are functional, but they can be fashionable as well if you know how to wear them.

Change the way you view glasses. Look at Harry Potter, Andy Warhol, and Buddy Holly. All these icons wear glasses — of course, in a more stylish way. Here are some tips to help complete your style with glasses for sale online. Make sure your eyes truly need them, though.

Choose the right frame

The first order of business will be the frame. Choose a frame, which easily matches your face shape. For round or heart-shaped faces, square frames will look good on them. The opposite goes for rectangular and square faces. If you are a business savvy individual, oval and almond frames can be fashionable. If you are an artist or a student who wants to be expressive, square horn-rimmed glasses will look good.

Go for the right colour

You should go for colours that flatter you. Black glasses are fine, but there are other choices that can be stylish, too. Navy, burgundy and grey glasses are neutral colours that can suit any aesthetic taste. You can go for frames with wooden texture or interesting print if you want to stand out.

Choose what suits your lifestyle

Finally, you should not only choose glasses that are stylish. You should go for the ones that suit your lifestyle. For one, you can buy glasses with titanium or stainless steel frame if you are a weekend warrior and lead a pretty active lifestyle.

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These are only some of the things to keep in mind to make wearing glasses fashionable. You can always ask your provider to make you a pair based on your style specifications.

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