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Don’t Do It on Your Own: Saying No to DIY Dentistry

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Dental TreatmentOne in five Britons, according to the British Dental Health Foundation, are willing to remove a loose tooth on their own or ask a friend to do it to save money on dental visits. Reports from The Guardian and The Mail Online support this claim, suggesting that people would do their own fillings using over-the-counter kits.

DIY dentistry in the U.K. is becoming more popular, mainly in an effort to avoid costly dental bills. The sad part is, however, it can make any problem worse, resulting in a more invasive and costly dental treatment.

Never a Good Substitute

Dentists in Edinburg explain that temporary filling materials and dental kits are never a good alternative for professional treatment. Using a string and a doorknob to pull out a decayed tooth, furthermore, is risky and unnecessary because it can increase the risks of infection and other complications. The dangers of DIY dentistry are likewise deceptive. As things may appear all right, the fillings might be leaking or placed in the wrong place.

Seek Professional treatment

No matter how simple dental work you require, it is best to seek professional treatment. If you want to have whiter teeth, you need to visit a dentist to know right procedure or product for your situation. A dentist-supervised treatment is always the safest way to go, giving you the results you want.

The Best Option

The thing with dental treatment, however, is that many Britons consider it as a luxury. It is important to change that perception, as any dental problem can compromise your health. Whilst treatments may cost a little expensive, they are surely worth it.

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Keep in mind that a good smile is not a luxury, especially if it benefits your health and improve the quality of your life. Do not pretend to be dentist to avoid the serious repercussions of DIY dentistry. Make it a point to see a dentist when you need a dental treatment; not over-the-counter drugs and dangerous methods.