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At-Home Elder Care Services

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Home Care AssistanceDo you live with and care for your aging parents? Although some children bring their elderly parents to nursing homes, retirement homes, and other out-of-home facilities, there are still people who prefer that their parents stay home with them. You yourself may feel more secure by caring for your old parents yourself.

Caregivers: You or a Professional

You can avail of many at-home elder care services here in MN as well. You may not have the capability to care for your old parents firsthand, but you may still want your parents to stay at home, according to CareBuilders at Home Minnesota. You can then hire a home care aide who can assist your parents in the comfort of your parents’ home.

Minor Assistance

You can get a personal care and support service. This service is for elderlies who are still quite active and can still do a lot of things. A home care aide in this service will have the responsibilities of assisting your parents in their activities. The aide can do meal preparation, medication reminders, dressing, and many others.

All Day, Every Day Care

Two other services you can get is 24-hour care and live in care. 24-hour care offers two caregivers to monitor and assists elders in shifts of 12 hours or three caregivers in 8-hour shifts each. Live in care, on the other hand, only offers one caregiver daily, but the caregiver must be given a four-hour break within the 24 hour period.

Temporary Replacements

For adults who are caring for their old parents firsthand, you can get respite care. Respite care offers home care aides who will care for your parents for a temporary amount of time. This allows you to have free time to relax and to refresh.

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Major Assistance

Finally, you can get companionship and homemaking services. This service is similar to personal care and support services. The difference between them is that companionship and homemaking are for elders who aren’t quite active anymore. The aide can prepare the meals, do the laundry, clean the house, and many other duties.

What service you will get will depend on what you want, what your parents want, and what they need.