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Are DIY Braces a Good Idea?

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Orthodontic BracesEverybody is always looking for a way to cut costs. This is the reason DIY braces you can buy online are becoming so popular. However, are DIY braces a good idea? If you knew what is involved in teeth straightening, you would know immediately that in-clinic treatment for braces is still the best option.

How in-clinic braces work

The first thing a Belfast dentist will do when you come in to get braces is to make a thorough dental check up, Blue Sky Dentistry explains. You will need to fill in any holes and have treatment for any gum problems before the dentist will even consider putting braces. After that, the dentist will take some X-rays and a mould of your teeth. Only then will the dentist recommend the type of braces that will work for your case.

You will have to go back about once a month to have adjustments or checkups to make sure your teeth are moving correctly. At the end of the treatment, the dentist will ask you to wear a retainer to keep the teeth in position and avoid a relapse.

How DIY braces work

By contrast, DIY braces you can order online skip all the preliminary treatments and diagnosis. You simply get a kit to make moulds of your own teeth. You then send the impressions back to the seller, and you get several aligners to wear in sequence.

You have no idea if your teeth are moving correctly. Even if you get your teeth to go to the ideal position, you may be doing damage to your gums and jawbone without knowing it. You are likely to end up with a mutilated case, which will require extensive professional attention.

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Braces are not something you can do on your own without professional consultation. Even some dental professionals are not qualified to give orthodontic treatment. While DIY braces may seem more affordable, the consequences may cost you a lot more in the end.