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3 Facts Parents Should Know about Dental Care for Children

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Kid being checked by a dentistParents, here’s a question: how soon should you bring your children to a dentist? Should it be when they’re four or twelve years old? If you cannot answer the question, then you’re not alone.

Many parents tend to delay the child’s first visit to the dentist or even a doctor because of two things: lack of guidance from the healthcare provider and non-compliance with the recommendations.

But what are the basics of dental health in the UK?

Interval of Dental Checkups

The best time to visit the dentists here in Penge can vary. It can be as short as every three months or as long as two years. Usually, children who have no dental issues can see the healthcare provider every one or two years.

When to Begin

The first visit to the dentist is at the very young age – it’s when the child’s baby teeth start to appear. They do around four to six months. A parent can forego a dental visit, but the child should be able to see a dentist at least once before he or she reaches the age of two.

Brushing the Teeth

The rule is one should brush the teeth as soon as they appear. For the children, it means they need to clean their milk teeth as well. The NHS recommends using fluoride toothpaste, which is not necessarily a children’s toothpaste. They can start using the family paste once they are already seven years old.

Around this time, they can also clean their teeth on their own, but they still need supervision until they are around eight.

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One of the common reasons why some parents skip the pediatric dentist is they want to avoid the costs. But the NHS offers free dental checkups for the children. They may also receive such service at no cost in their schools.

In the end, helping the child take care of his or her teeth is more cost-effective in the long run.