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Make That First Impression Work for You

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Teeth With Clear BracesIt’s amazing how much information we take in about someone when we meet them for the first time, and the judgements we make based on that information. Are they friendly? Are they happy? Trustworthy? Depressed? Hiding something? This kind of visual information, collected almost subconsciously, can permanently influence your opinion of another person, especially in situations such as dating and job interviews. If they don’t smile, we think they are miserable or unfriendly, whereas the real reason may be because they are ashamed of their wonky teeth.

Fortunately, many dentists are now offering clear braces to straighten misaligned teeth, using systems such as Invisalign. If you live in the Richmond area, you will find Invisalign available at the Sheen Dental.

The Clear Braces Revolution

Invisalign is a revolutionary method for straightening teeth. Instead of the usual braces equipment of brackets, bands and wires, Invsialign uses clear plastic trays, rather like mouth-guards, to push your teeth into straighter positions. These trays are also known as aligners. Your treatment will involve a series of custom-made aligners, each one tasked with moving your teeth that little bit further. 

This clear braces method has several advantages over wire and bracket braces. Firstly, it avoids the teenage look that can often be associated with ‘train track’ braces.

Secondly, the incredibly thin, clear plastic trays fit so snugly over the teeth that they almost cannot be seen at all by the untrained eye. Importantly for many adults in the world of work, they do not interfere with speech either.

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Thirdly, Invisalign trays are removable. This makes keeping them and your teeth clean easy. Plus, you can continue to eat whatever you like without worrying about food interfering with your clear braces.

Also, if necessary, you can take out the aligner for a few hours for particularly important business or social events. Although the aligners do need to be worn for at least 20 hours a day if the treatment is to stay on schedule.

It should be noted that Invisalign clear braces are aimed at people whose dental needs are limited to realigning their teeth, and is not suitable for serious bite corrections.