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Why Replacing your Missing Teeth is Vital for your Health

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Missing Teeth is Not Good for your HealthMissing teeth aren’t just a dental health problem. When teeth are lost for any reason oral health soon begins to suffer. Depending on the location and number of missing teeth, both physical and mental wellbeing can be impacted too. Replacing lost teeth promptly, and treating any underlying conditions that may have led to tooth loss, is therefore vital for many reasons.

Numerous studies have shown links between poor oral health and a range of general health conditions, including diabetes, strokes, and rheumatoid arthritis. In an ideal world we would all have happy, healthy teeth for life, but in the real world many things can get in the way.

At Sheen Dental in Richmond patients come in with gaps in their mouth for many reasons. Tooth decay and gum diseases are the primary causes of tooth loss in the UK, but accidents and injuries can also result in teeth being lost before their time.

Many people experience tooth loss because fear of the dentist has put them off seeking routine treatment, allowing their oral health to fall into poor condition. In the modern day and age there are numerous routes back to good dental health available to nervous patients, from hypnotherapy to conscious sedation. If fear has been a barrier to treatment in the past, you can contact the NHS 101 service, your local dentist, or an independent organisation such as Dental Phobia, who can help you to overcome your anxiety and get back to full health.

Tooth replacement options

Tooth replacement may involve dentures (full or partial), bridgework, or dental implants. The latter is the only permanent method of replacing missing teeth and helps to alleviate common side-effects of tooth loss, including bone resorbtion and gum shrinkage.

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Not replacing your teeth can have a serious impact on your ability to eat a diet, with many people restricted to only eating soft foods. This can make it very hard to get the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy, with some food groups suddenly off the menu.

Even one lost tooth can affect the condition and positioning of your remaining teeth, and can ultimately result in further tooth loss.