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Why is it Important to Straighten Crooked Teeth?

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Crooked teeth that needs to be fixedCrooked teeth affect millions of people in the UK and around the world. Many believe that making an effort to straighten crooked teeth is purely based on a cosmetic concern. After all, straighter teeth are far more attractive than crooked ones. But the reasons for straightening teeth far exceed cosmetic concerns.

Bow House Dental discusses the importance of straightening crooked teeth and the way Hertfordshire residents can benefit from Invisalign treatment.

How teeth become crooked

Different reasons may cause teeth to become crooked. Often, this is the effect of permanent teeth replacing baby teeth one at a time, which means they adjust each time another baby tooth falls out and another permanent tooth grows in. When a permanent tooth is extracted or falls out, this may also cause the remaining teeth to adjust to fill the gap. Shifting almost always causes teeth to become misaligned.

How crooked teeth may affect your oral health

A proper oral structure is the result of proper teeth alignment. Straight teeth support one another, thus keeping the oral structure intact. This means you can eat and speak properly. Crooked teeth do not offer as much support, so your mouth may be more prone to injury or further damage.

Misaligned teeth are often more sensitive. Believe it or not, it is true that crooked teeth may mean you are more at risk of tooth decay or gum disease. When your teeth are not straight, they are more difficult to clean. More bacteria are left behind to form plaque and cause all sorts of oral health issues. Straightening your teeth helps avoid such problems.

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How crooked teeth are treated

Teenagers typically get braces when all of their permanent teeth are in place, to make sure their teeth grow straight. Adults may also wear braces, but there are many who would rather not go through the process, which may take up to two years to complete. The ‘metal mouth’ look may be an unattractive proposition for some. Most adults would probably choose Invisalign to correct their crooked teeth.

Whether you choose traditional braces or the relatively more comfortable and less obvious clear aligners, what matters is that you are doing something about those crooked teeth. Leaving them as is may lead to a variety of dental problems in the future.