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What to Avoid When Storing Your Hops

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Man ready to restore the hopsPoor hops storage makes them lose their bitter qualities with time. It also results in the degradation of their essential oils. Improper storage, particularly in the fridge will make them absorb unpleasant odors. In case, you are seeking to buy bulk hops, Hop Havoc suggests that you familiarize yourself with how to store them. What mistakes should you avoid when storing hops?

Exposing them to Oxygen

Oxygen degrades the essential oils in hops, which makes it impossible for them to provide the quality flavors and aromas necessary. Since oxygen breaks down the amino acids responsible for bitterness, exposing your hops to the same means lost potency. In case, you are buying in bulk, ensure that your supplier would ship them under proper conditions. A dealer that uses vacuum-sealed and nitrogen-flushed bags would be a good choice. If you would be storing them yourself, it is essential to invest in a vacuum sealer.

Exposing them to Heat

Keeping your hops in vacuum-sealed bags is not enough. You ought to keep them as cold as possible. Since frost-free freezers are likely to expose your hops to warmth due to their operating mechanism, it pays to stabilize the temperature of your hops by surrounding them with ice packs.

Not Drying Them Well Before Storage

If you have fresh hops that you would like to dry, it is essential to approach the same cautiously. Understand that drying hops for more than three days and at a high temperature is likely to cause oxidation. This means that you should be careful when drying the same before storage. It is also vital to use ideal drying methods. Some of these methods include using a well-ventilated oven and a food dehydrator.

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Since different varieties of hops have different requirements regarding storage, it is critical to research on how to store your choice variety. It pays to buy pellet hops because they last longer compared to whole-leaf ones. This is because they have a smaller surface area for oxidation.